PC games $1.99 each. POTC for GBA sealed $4.99

$1 each from a scratch and dent bin at a local resale store by my house. Bought for resale once they've been resurfaced.

$1.99 each Mac games, the Holiday Lemmings was in the original Lemmings box but the original's CD rom was missing. The Loom is in excellent shape and worth quite a hefty amount for sure!

$1 each from a local garage sale, some will need to be resurfaced though. One was missing unfortunately.

Air Combat is worth a decent amount and the Predator book was .89 and I couldn't resist since it sounds interesting.

Not pictured is a XBOX console with about 10 games for $10 from another garage sale.

I also found strategy guides for Donkey Kong 64, Super Mario 64 and Pokemon Snap from Goodwill for .89 each a few days later.

Decent month overall though nothing like my finds earlier this year!