I've got a PS1 which has an issue where the analog controls turn off as soon as the rumble feature in the controller is activated. The analog feature can be turned back on immediately, but dies away as soon as the rumble feature turns on again. The rumble does not work either, by the way--the analog turns off (light and all) and the controller does not vibrate at all.

Has anyone encountered this before? It is rather annoying and makes games unplayable with the analog sticks.

System information:
Original Playstation, NOT PSX
Tested with DualShock 1 and DualShock 2; I do not have a Dual Analog controller to try out.
Game tested: Spyro the Dragon 1

I am using a power cord that is not the original, but it seems to run everything else fine. I can test it with the power cord from a PS2 if needed.

Thanks for reading and for any suggestions!