Hi everyone-

It's time for more of Joe's spring cleaning! I'm paring down my collection a bit in preparation for a move. My loss is your gain!

I have 53 items up this week on eBay - lots of Apple II games/boxes, Atari 2600 carts, C64, and a bunch of other vintage/retro computing/gaming stuff. You can see them all here:

All of Joe's stuff on eBay

Here are a few select Atari-related auctions:

Atari 8-bit/XE: MIDI MAZE Original Unreleased Prototype

Atari 8-bit: Deadline by Infocom Folio COMPLETE

Atari 2600 VCS Game: Tooth Protectors

Atari 2600 VCS Game: Video Jogger

Atari 2600 VCS Game: Video Reflex

Atari 2600/7800: CPS Diagnostic Test Cartridge 2.6 MA017600

Atari 2600: Signal Tracing Cartridge MA017601 + Shorting Plugs MA017602