I have a spare Titanfall CE, the one with the huge statue in a huge box that just takes up a huge amount of space in my tiny office. I doubt I'll regret passing it along since space is going to be tight for me when I get my collection settled in.

This piece is sealed in the original shipping box, which I never opened. I'd like $300+shipping. I paid for it new, and it was $276 after tax. Hardly any profit in it for me. I'd also be happy to trade it for similar value.

I can ship anywhere, with a little luck (since it's oversized to some countries, but it should pass through since it's only by a couple of inches). If you are international, note that shipping to Europe is around $85 and to AUS is around $125. in the US, it should be $25-$40, not quite sure, but I will check if you give me your zip code.