Successfully Kickstarted oldschool RPG Pier Solar HD - a remake of the 2010 Sega Mega Drive cult-favourite - has been delayed until June, developer Watermelon has announced.
Part of this is due to the developer's high standards. "Beta test is still going on: the game is super stable but some bugs are still being found. We can't, in our right mind, ignore those and go for release and rely on patches from day one," Watermelon said in a backer-only Kickstarter update (via Sega Nerds). "As long as there's a bug, there will be a fix until the game is as smooth as the original."
The developer went on to namecheck "never-ending perfectionism" as another reason for the delay. "Not only did we program some enhancements to the game such as the Director's Cut, but also some other improvements are being made to make Pier Solar better in usability and gameplay. Some of these improvements came a bit late in the project but we considered them essential for this release... some extra dev time was added due to those new features."
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