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Thread: Was this console lot worth what I paid for it?

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    Default Was this console lot worth what I paid for it?

    I'm not going to include pictures cause this is pretty normal stuff. It was an untested console lot I bought for 70 dollars. Pretty much everything works except one copy of Sonic 2 for Game Gear and the Game Gear itself is a bit iffy. The lot consisted of a DS Phat with no charger and needed a new battery, it's in rough physical shape and has loads of scratches but is still fully functional.

    EDIT: The replacement battery only cost 7 extra dollars, and I didn't have to replace the charger because I already had one.

    A Sega Master System, with a controller and AC adaptor, the controller is one with the screw-on joystick knob. Also Hang-on and Safari Hunt for it.

    The last thing is a Sega Game Gear, works but has no sound unless you use headphones, it has a lot of stuck pixels though, and a few common Game Gear games.
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    My knee jerk reaction has to be no. I don't think the DS is worth much after you factor in the cost of replacing the charger and battery. Gamegears are cheap in general, more so with sound issues and dead pixels. And Master Systems can be pricey, but not $70 so. More like in the $30 to $45 range.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daria View Post
    And Master Systems can be pricey, but not $70 so. More like in the $30 to $45 range.
    Master Systems have gone up in price lately, getting $60 for a console with all hookups is realistic, at least where I'm located. His is missing the video cable though so that's going to cost a bit extra.

    The Game Gear with games is worth about $10 in that condition.

    The DS phat isn't worth much. I actually just got one today with a working battery for $10, no charger or stylus. Only bought it because it came with a rumble pak and I had a coupon which required me to spend a certain amount minimum. I'll probably sell it for $10 as finding correct styluses are difficult and any spare chargers I find I need for GBA SP systems. Usually I pass on loose DS systems at that price.

    So not really a great deal, but not a real ripoff either. I still wouldn't have bothered buying it though.

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    If you were to resell the master system it might sell for 50ish, but generally speaking i dont consider them that expensive.
    The game gear is junk and the fat ds is probably 15-20$ without charger and battery.
    So yeah you paid too much. You basically paid ebay retail for a bunch of common system missing stuff and with problems.

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