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Thread: Was this console lot worth what I paid for it?

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    Default Was this console lot worth what I paid for it?

    I'm not going to include pictures cause this is pretty normal stuff. It was an untested console lot I bought for 70 dollars. Pretty much everything works except one copy of Sonic 2 for Game Gear and the Game Gear itself is a bit iffy. The lot consisted of a DS Phat with no charger and needed a new battery, it's in rough physical shape and has loads of scratches but is still fully functional.

    EDIT: The replacement battery only cost 7 extra dollars, and I didn't have to replace the charger because I already had one.

    A Sega Master System, with a controller and AC adaptor, the controller is one with the screw-on joystick knob. Also Hang-on and Safari Hunt for it.

    The last thing is a Sega Game Gear, works but has no sound unless you use headphones, it has a lot of stuck pixels though, and a few common Game Gear games.
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