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Thread: Sega Saturn Resident Evil: PAL or JAP?

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    Default Sega Saturn Resident Evil: PAL or JAP?

    Uh...hello everyone. I love the original Resident Evil/biohazard but I only really know about the PS1 version. I wanted to try out a new version of it but I'm not sure which to get. I've never gotten an Import game before and I looked up on here that I can get a Action Replay for region-free play but there are a couple things I'm not sure about.

    1. If I get the Japanese version, is everything still in English? Like, item names and stuff? I think the voice-acting was always in English but I'll obviously need to know what item is what and stuff. (I guess I can do that with Examining the items but still...)

    2. I hear the PAL version of Saturn RE1 had the uncensored opening and even a different ending for Chris?

    Also I'm thinking about getting these versions instead of English simply because they are cheaper from what I've seen.

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    With the Action Replay, PAL games generally play well on NTSC TVs for Saturn. If you know the game inside and out, japanese is usually cheapest. The Nintendo DS version is also a really good portable take on it. If you like that style and are importing, Deep Fear is a pretty popular game and loaded with English.
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