What are your favorite and least favorite ways to abbreviate names of video games and systems?

I prefer "NES" to "Nintendo NES" or, gasp, "Nintendo ES" for the Nintendo Entertainment System. "Original Nintendo" or "Nintendo" works, but NES is preferable. "Nintendo NES" is redundant.

For Sega Master System, I prefer "Master System" or "SMS". Once again, "Sega MS" falls short. "Sega Master" just seems incomplete.

For TurboGrafx-16, "TG16" is the best. I like "Turbo" as well.

PC Engine doesn't need to be abbreviated.

For Sega Genesis, there are so many. Some that I like include "Genny" and "Genesis". "Sega" works for me. "SG" is just odd.

Sega Mega Drive is fine as MD, but I prefer "Mega Drive".

Super Nintendo Entertainment System? "Super NES", "Super Nintendo", and "SNES" are all good to me.

Super Famicom? "SFC" works well. "SuFami" is the most awful abbreviation on the planet.

For Nintendo 64, "64" is just a number. "N64" is much preferred.

PlayStation - PSX, PS2, PS3, PS4 seem to be the foregone conclusion. Works well for me.

Game Cube - I prefer "GCN" over "GC".

In summation, I'd say I like 80%+ of commonly used abbreviations. The only one that sticks out as awful is "SuFami".