Hopefully this can be stickied as it would be fun for people who just get a little or don't want to play with pictures.

Today I found a DK standing on a GBA bubble head for $5 and an ASCII (SNES) Pad for $8 at one place at the flea, outside was a bust other than 2 sealed old LCD games from at least 10 years ago along with a fold up table with 2 cup holders for $4. I also found at half price books Pokemon FireRed for $15 and it is a legit one.

Yesterday I found for a buck a piece an 8pack of Pac-Man pencils from the early 80s, a 1960s~ porcelain small Dumbo for the wife, and an original mickey mouse club button too. Also did locate a CIB fantastic shape DK Jungle Beat for $5 too.

All in all not bad but nothing finds of the day/month thread worthy.