Finally got around to getting my Sega Genesis and CD stuff onto eBay. Click here to see the auction!

Up for a classic auction is a Sega Genesis Model 1 (thatís been modified with S-Video and composite video and stereo connectors) along with the matching Model 1 Sega CD system, 3 controllers and a mix of 31 cartridge and CD games. This would be a great start for someone just getting into collecting the Genesis!


Sega Genesis Model 1: This is an original release Sega Genesis system meaning it will play all of the unlicensed titles released in the early days of the system by EA, Accolade, etc. A few years ago I had the audio and video modified with composite video, stereo audio and an S-Video jack to give excellent sound and video quality. The volume slider at the front of the console adjusts the volume that comes out of the jacks. All of the original connections (headphone, RF and the original video out) still function. The system comes with 2 regular three-button controllers and 1 six-button controller, all Sega brand. Power supply and the accessory hatch door also included.

Sega CD Model 1: CD Tray ejects just fine and the system works wonderfully. Includes power supply and mounting bracket. PLEASE NOTE: there is either a screw missing or the bracket is slightly bent but when the Genesis is installed, it needs to be raised just a hair in order for the connector to make perfect contact. I put in a thin piece of card board in between the systems and itís worked flawlessly for me.


Genesis (games complete unless noted. Complete= game, manual and case)
Altered Beast
Bimini Run
Castle of Illusion (case label and manual are beat up)
Forgotten Worlds
Joe Montana Football (Case and game-label has rental sticker)
Michael Jacksonís Moonwalker
Mystic Defender (Case and game-has label damage)
Phantasy Star II (Case, game, manual but no hint book)
Star Flight (complete and does include map)

Loose Cartridges
After Burner II
Earth Defense
Earthworm Jim
Eternal Champions (rough label)
Genesis 6-Pak
Ghouls ní Ghosts (VERY rough label)
Herzog Zwei
Shadow Dancer
Shinobi III (badly damaged label)
Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Super Monaco GP (label damage)

SEGA CD Games (none have the foam inserts)
AD&D Eye of the Beholder (Complete-case damage)
Rise of the Dragon (Complete)
Sol Feace (case, game)
Sega Classics/Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective (Instructions for Sherlock with newspaper, manual does have back two pages damaged)
Sewer Shark (Complete-has rental stickers)
Rock Paintings CD+G Sampler and Hot Hits (CDs and Case)
Silpheed (complete but cover is loose)
Sonic CD (complete but with cracked case)

Sega Genesis Cleaning system (torn box-looks complete)
Stereo Composite A/V cable

As with all used electronics, these are AS IS. Shipping to the United States ONLY (sorry international bidders!).