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Thread: Android (not sure on iOS) - Google Play -- FF3 and FF4(DS upgraded ports) 50%+ off

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    Default Android (not sure on iOS) - Google Play -- FF3 and FF4(DS upgraded ports) 50%+ off

    Those 3D recreations of the Famicom and Super Famicom titles they did on DS initially then cleaned up some issues people had and made a cleaner quieter definitive version for digital download are usually a flaming ripoff for a digital rental of sorts almost every day of the year, but usually 2-3x a year SquareEnix does sales on stuff. Today(not sure how long it goes) Final Fantasy III and Final Fantasy IV are roughly 50% off. I wouldn't pay $16-17 they go for, but being down around the $8 mark is palatable at least.

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    Slightly higher than I'd want to pay for something I know I can, ummm, find for free. On a ship. A pirate ship. In a bay somewhere. If they said $5 though I'd have no issues, funny how that $3 make that big of a difference in my head. But I also know their controls for the phone suck vs the DS ones I already have, so oh well.

    Now if they mailed you something physical, like a used tissue with a moggle on it, then sure, $15 it is.

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