Hi guys Target first opened its doors around september here in the montreal area, and for the past 2 weeks they have crazy prices on videogames, prices vary from each location but here are some I saw at 4 different stores XboxOne 10$ games: bf4, nba live and 2k, madden, ryse, dead rising, forza5, cod ghosts, fifa, nfs rivals and angry bird sw and just dance for 7$. Ps4 10$ games: madden, cod ghosts, nba live and 2k. Ps3 and 360 10$ games:dishonored goty, bf4, cod ghosts, splinter cell blacklist, halo4, last of us, gran turismo 6, gta5(15$) and too many 5$ and 7$ games like halo reach, red dead redemption, dark souls. Wii u 10$ games ac blackflag, zombiu, zelda ww *12.5$*, official wiimotes also 10$. I bought 20 games for less than 170$!! Are the prices as good at Target USA or the rest of canada? So if you live around montreal go check whats on the shelves!