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Thread: Where are eBayers getting these high resolution SNES and NES labels?

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    Default Where are eBayers getting these high resolution SNES and NES labels?

    I have searched for so many hours, and I can not find any website containing high resolution scans of SNES, and NES labels. I need some for repros. And I need some for some hacks I have flashed to flash cartridges. For example, I would really like a nice Secret of Evermore label that I can load up in photoshop, and add "2 player balance version" printed on the label somewhere.

    I have heard that thecoverproject hosts some labels, but I can not find a single one on the website. These have to exist with so many floating on eBay for $4.99. And I am not paying that ridiculous price when I have a nice printer at home that will do the job just fine.
    Currently looking to trade for Magical Chase any version, and especially Dynastic Hero USA version. I have Samurai Shodown V Special MVS, lots of other MVS titles, and tons of games. Check out my profile over at if you are looking to get rid of one.

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    This may help you with SNES, found it earlier this year. (They don't have evermore, I don't either or I'd do it.) The only problem with that site is some images are tiny and some are not. I found it googling specific game names looking for a label.

    Here's a good evermore!

    Since there's no control nazis here like where I came from I feel safe sharing this. And with that I can also say from personal experience it can be done pretty easily with a super outdated version of photoshop(I have 6) and a scanner. When I got burned by some trolls early this year I decided to do a test and took out my ogre battle cart and scanned it. Within 30min I had cleaned it up, got it nice and pretty and super high resolution. I think I accidentally erased it recently but I had a PSD file of it which could have been used for making perfect copies of the original sticker give you got the right way to output it. It's not hard if I could do it.

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