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Thread: Nefarious by Josh Hano (Wii U, Windows, Macintosh, Linux)

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    Default Nefarious by Josh Hano (Wii U, Windows, Macintosh, Linux)

    Nefarious is a swell-looking action platformer where you play a villain named Crow who kidnaps various princesses. What makes this game particularly good looking is that its lead designer is an experienced 2D animator. Thus the art direction is full-on 2D: no 2.5D, no 3D; it is all 2D. Nefarious has run-and-gun gameplay like a Mega Man game... if Mega Man was a 32-bit, highly animated modern game. And yes, before you ask, there will be a few physical copies and yes, it is currently having a fundraiser through Kickstarter.

    Check it out! I'm going to try to make a pledge to it by this time next month.

    >>> Kickstarter project page for Nefarious

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    That actually looks genuinely fun turning the role entirely around 100% in a mega man like environment where you pound the crap out of the good guys with large boss mecha you control swatting a little fly to the run and gun evasion of the stages.

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