I am doing a very limited run of my Nuts and Bolts video series on an actual VHS tape. All proceeds of this go towards an upcoming 2600 homebrew release(PRGE 2014). For those that dont know, for the past four years, I have made a series of collector videos to help showcase and educate to others my extensive collection. This video series is to help inform visually how to collect gaming systems showcasing games, accessories, variations, and system packaging if I have it(I usually do). I was able to fit over 5 hours of my DVD series on a single VHS tape. Hundreds of the best titles for over 30 systems are showcased, including many rare items. The following is the breakdown of what is included. The VHS tapes are numbered and I probably will only make 20 of these, pending on demand. The price is $15 shipped in the US. PM me if you are interested. Each tape will have a custom label as well, The following is what is actually showcased on the Tape:

The start of this video may be a little cutoff. It was the best I could do. The following are the sequence of game systems covered for ease of getting to the systems you want to hear about on the VHS tape. Enjoy the video!

Vol. 1
APF M1000/XEGS/Astrocade/Telstar Arcade/Emerson Arcadia/Channel F/Odyssey/Odyssey 2/Microvision
RCA Studio II/Vectrex

Vol. 2
NES/SNES/N64/Virtual Boy/GameCube

Vol. 3
Master System/Genesis/SegaCD/32X/Nomad
Game Gear/Pico/Laseractive/Saturn/Dreamcast

Vol. 4
Pong Units/2600/8-bit/7800/5200