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Thread: Super Mario Bros. 2 (Beta)

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    Default Super Mario Bros. 2 (Beta)

    Despite the uncovering of one beta version of the U.S./European version of Super Mario Bros. 2, I am wondering if there was an even earlier beta version of the title that had just the four Mario-related characters and no other modifications (everything else is Doki Doki Panic)?

    When I talk about this, I take this to mean whether or not the very early beta version of SMB2 may have:
    * The original DDP underground theme (not the remixed version heard in the released version of SMB2; nor the SMB underground theme used in the leaked beta version)
    * The Arabian Sub-Space theme (not the SMB overground theme heard in the leaked beta and released versions of SMB2)
    * The DDP Star theme (not the SMB Star theme)
    * 1-UP as your player's head (instead of 1-UP Mushroom) and the level clear theme (instead of the Mario 1-UP sound) when you pick it up
    * Heart (instead of Super Mushroom)
    * The ending is similar to DDP but with the image of Mario sleeping instead of the skies. Production credits remain (unlike the leaked beta and released versions).

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