It's been a while since I've used this controller and it's the original one that came with my PS2 when I bought it new. I plugged it in to test a PS2 I was fixing and some buttons do not work at all and sometimes it just goes crazy registering all sorts of inputs. I tried another one I picked up from a thrift store that I hadn't tested yet. It was doing the same thing. So, I tried my PS2. Same thing. So just in case I grabbed my other PS2 controller and it works fine.

Is this a common failure for these Dual Shock 2 controllers? Is there a fix anybody knows about. It kind of pisses me off since my PS2 controllers have very little use and are like new, yet one of the has failed for no reason. To be honest, I'm kind of worried to plug the working one into the PS2 I just fixed.

Any ideas?