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Thread: Looking for PSX or PS2 Japan-only game

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    Default Looking for PSX or PS2 Japan-only game

    As the title says I'm looking for a PSX or PS2 Japan-only game. Specifically Strategy RPGS similar to Final Fantasy Tactics and Tactics Ogre. Any titles from either of the two consoles will be helpful.

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    Hi, if you're looking for some interesting exclusives for that type, here are a few:
    Summon Night 1&2
    Black Matrix
    Riot Stars
    Langrisser Series
    Super Robot Wars Series
    Front Mission 2 and Alternative

    Summon Night 3
    Black Matrix 2
    Namco X Capcom
    Super Robot Wars Series-I know Impact and Scramble Commander for sure
    Front Mission 5

    If you want to try some other interesting takes on strategy for those systems, Dragon Force got ported to PS2, and 7: The Cavalry of Molmoth and its sequel Venus and Braves for PS2.

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