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Thread: Favorite Edutainment Games and What Makes Them Special

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    Quote Originally Posted by WulfeLuer View Post
    Oh man, it's kinda embarrassing, since I have two that I remember having a total blast with, but I can't recall their titles to save my life. OT is okay, and I chewed through multiple iterations of Carmen Sandiego (to the consternation of actual educators) on Apples (think the IIc and IIe, I forgot). But the two that I loved and can't recall the names of...

    The first was this truck driving simulator. You drove a 18-wheeler hauling whatever to various places in the US, having to worry about things like eating and sleeping, picking the best route between cities, and deciding whether or not to speed and risk a pullover. If you got to the destination on time, you got a little prize in-game. I don't remember if you just drove off again or had to start a new haul. It was one of those things that should have totally sucked, but ate your brain and your free time, and actually gave something like meaningful decision points.

    The second was this game where cartoony robots were rampaging through the school, and you 'shot' them with a camera to drive them off, and then you tried to match details on the photos with evidence you collected to figure out which one was the actual bad guy. I think there were variations where the 'evidence' was linked to a particular subject, but I can't remember for sure. It was kinda 20 years ago now.
    I don't know about the second game, but the first sounds like Truckin', which I played on Intellivision.

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