i figured i would cross post this here from the neo-geo.com forums, as we are having issue getting the minimum order of 20 chassis for this deal to happen. anyone here own an atomiswave sit down candy cab? if so the monitors in these are very prone to failure and recently (and without advertisement) the chassis manufacturer Wei-Ya has released a revised chassis for these monitors. one successful group buy has already happened with the arcade supplier in China, and another order can be done still if we can get 20 orders. I missed out on the first group buy, so i need to grab 2 chassis myself, and so far we need around 16 or so more purchasers.
the chassis will cost between 270 and 300 a piece. i have been given the go ahead to post this on other forums, so if anyone here is a member of arcade otaku or shmups or sega 16 (i am not) please post it there as well!
vanilla thunder, a moderator at neo-geo is the one handling the ordering and what not.
thank you for taking a look at this, feel free to PM me if you are interested in one and i will forward your info to vanilla thunder.