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Thread: Any Japanese GBA games with Furigana? (reading over kanji)

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    Default Any Japanese GBA games with Furigana? (reading over kanji)

    To aid me in my Japanese learning and exposure, I'm playing Japanese versions of games. I have a Gameboy Advance, and would like to know any GBA games in Japan that have Japanese text with Furigana, aka Kanji with their readings on top of them.

    I'm into RPG's, Platformers but please tell me any games at all that you know has Furigana. Thanks!!

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    You probably want to look at more modern games, simply because older consoles don't have the screen resolution to show text AND furigana clearly. GC and DS games and newer will probably have furigana if the game is known to target younger audiences (because Japanese children do not know as many kanji yet as they are still learning in school.)

    GBA games cannot even show some words due to low screen resolution as it is even without furigana...

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    Read (or download, whatever) some shonen manga, for example Dragon Ball has furigana throughout the whole thing.

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    As FoxNtd said, get a DS. The original models aren't very expensive.

    I'd recommend the 2 Zelda DS games. There's no furigana in these by default, but if you tap on the kanji you don't know, the furigana will pop up.

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    Perhaps Youkai Watch? The kanji in that game comes with furigana afaik.

    Animal Crossing New Leaf has those as well I think.

    Then again, those are either coming out (in case of Youkai Watch) or is already out (ACNL).
    Both are 3DS games.


    Woops, didn't notice the title.
    Anyhow, I doubt you'll be able to find one, considering that amount of screen space on the console itself. I mean, the text already covers quite an amount of the screen when it does, and even if they managed to squeeze furigana in, it's not going to be legible.

    As @FoxNtd mentioned, you're better off with trying with newer games.
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