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Thread: Game Boy (Color) Games For Sale [Reshiftin' My Collection] - $2 each if you take it as a lot!

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    Default Game Boy (Color) Games For Sale [Reshiftin' My Collection] - $2 each if you take it as a lot!

    So I'm revitalizing my gameboy collection (ever since the fiasco I had some odd years ago to save up for a DS by selling most of my first ever gameboy games) I've been sort of weak on it with the lowest of the bin odds and ends to fill the slots that were once taken up by the likes of Mario, Tetris, etc... the big guys mostly. I'm almost there with just a few more to go.

    I was hoping you guys would help. What you see below is a vast majority of the games that I didn't grow up with, the ones I barely know and the ones that were keeping my case full for the last number of years. But since I'm actually getting back into the swing of things now and buying the higher priced gems and cases and all that good stuff, I'm willing to sell these out for only $2 bucks a piece. They have all been tested and work perfectly.

    This money will go towards making my collection that much stronger!

    The games are:
    - Golf
    - Baseball
    - Tamagotchi
    - Balloon Kid
    - R.C Pro AM
    - Gobs of Games
    - Daedalian Opus
    - Gex: Enter the Gecko (GBC)
    - Bugs Bunny in Crazy Castle
    - Hot Wheels: Stunt Track Driver
    - Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball
    - Disney's Tarzan (GBC)
    - Atlantis The Lost Empire (GBC)
    - Tech Deck Skateboarding (GBC)
    - Aliens: Thanatos Encounters (GBC)
    - ESPN National Hockey Night (GBC)
    - Winnie The Pooh: Adventures in the 100 Acre Wood (GBC)
    - Spongebob Squarepants: Legend of the Lost Spatula (GBC)

    The 3 on top (in the picture) are Pokemon bootlegs, they are just regular games inside, nothing on them different but the label.

    So take it for what you will folks, like I said they're all tested and play great and $2 a game is pretty impressive.

    I'll make it even better, $40 and free shipping for all these games. Take it before it's gone!

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    PM sent

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