Starting today there are new sections on the Retrogaming Roundtable for news and columns.

First, the Gesellschaft section got a slight revamp. It will continue to serve video game news, and as always, everyone (including the DP ServBot) is welcome to post news stories in that section.

Second, there is a new section just for D.P. Web site news. While the old news software (ListGarden) worked wonderfully, this new section supersedes it. The reasons for this change include making it easier for all the mods and administrators here at the forum to post news; to prevent the need to post in the ListGarden software and then again here to point people's attention to the news items if they don't regularly check the main page; and to allow regular forum-goers to post replies to news stories. This new section will allow regular forum users to reply to threads, but they cannot start new threads on their own in order to keep things in check and on-topic. I might still use the ListGarden software to post news, but if so, I will have the ServBot mirror those posts here.

Third, there is a new section for new columns and articles about games and game collecting. Like the D.P. Web Site News section, only those with permission will be able to post threads to this new sub-forum. If you would like to have such permission and can provide some nice articles for review and consideration, please feel free to send a PM to me with the pertinent information.