I found this: http://aldude999.deviantart.com/art/...ws-8-340845297

I own the SC2K CD Collection and kept it all these years, but I could not use it with Win7 or now Win8 64bit because of the 16bit installer being blocked.

This thing works. It's beta so a little crude, but if you use the installer it will make a modern 64bit simcity.exe file on your computer and the game just works like it did 20 years ago.

I have the CD Collection which isn't the SE GoG(and archive.org) has so I had to tweak it a bit grabbing a DLL and moving the subdirectories off my CD into the install directory where the new EXE was created but it does work 100%. Saving and loading files, all functions other than the dropped out of date .HLP support files.

Clearly this works in Windows 64bit, will you GoG people be adding this if you can get the authors permission as the Win release is vastly superior to the lower res DOS version. I'd love to see this added since I bought the DOS release in a pinch awhile back.

As I said archive.org has this, part of their project that got permission to distro old PC games. I just happen to have a disc of it still after all these years. I'm so happy to see this work, just wish someone would do Sim City Classic Windows, but I think that'll be a hard sell with Micropolis, even if it has to run from a sucky .jar file for Windows.