Here is a thread for listing any upgrades I program into the Digital Press Videogame Online Rarity Guide (ORG). This thread's purpose isn't to list any of the changes, updates, or additions to the information contained within the guide; rather, its purpose is to list upgrades and improvements made to the software which acts as the front-end to the guide's data.

Upgraded the software from version 0.999 to version 0.99902.
Changes included fixing several bad bugs in the editor's interface of the guide. These were preventing certain types of editing from happening to entries in the guide. This included the emptying of any particular field's data when going from that field with data in it to the same field emptied of data.
More debugging information was added to the software as well as a togglable variable for displaying the debug info.

Upgraded the software from version 0.99902 to version 0.99904.
Changes included updating the language file to include newer, better descriptions; rearrangements of the entry fields on the guide's landing page; and the biggest improvement of all, Boolean search options now work. This means that users can search for game entries by whether they have screenshots included, or cover scans, or review scores from magazines, or other yes/no search criteria like those. Feel free to mix and match your search options!