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    Almost went to Louisville Arcade Expo this year, would have loved to have met you there!

    Another great way to get into pinball that I've been exposed to, especially over the past couple of years, is leagues. Here in Columbus, a league that I got into on the ground level about two years ago has grown from 20 to 50 people, and the skill range runs the gamut from IFPA Top 10 all the way down to rookies (I'm completely in the middle, ranked around #3,500), and everyone's very very friendly, plus with the influx of arcades here in town (and the blessing of having a couple of distributors in town), we've got a solid rotation of places to play.

    So, if there are open leagues to join, I highly recommend it. It's a great way to learn more about the games and meet like-minded people.

    Plus, Tanooki, as a Kentuckian, you're more than close enough to make it to Pittsburgh for PAPA and ReplayFX ... gone to PAPA the last two years, it's amazing!

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    I joined and have been talking a little there and getting some help and follow ups on the table I do have. Today I got a nice box of goodies from Marco and did some serious loving repair/cleaning of Gold Ball. I got a nice set of original info cards and rubber screw barrels, and red divider plastics between the top lanes (4), a rubber ring I was missing, and then also a Novus1-3 with anti static cleaning rag. The original cards were stained from smoke/nicotine and years of funking and someone replaced the rubbers with these dome screws which were pushing down on the plastics a bit much, and 2/4 of the dividers were cracked off by the screws.

    I took a few hours of going over the thing with the Novus kit. I went over the playfield twice with all 3 grades (mostly 2 and 1), also worked over the metal coin mech door, plate at the top and sides, and even the plunger with 3 a lot, then went through the ropes with 2 and 1. Also took the 3-2-1 approach to the metal bar at the bottom of the back glass, and the plastic up the sides of that and the plastic trim on the back board too sides and top. I was surprised I had no idea how dingy the whole thing was, especially the playfield. I also shined up the balls, the silver wasn't bad but the brass 'gold' ball was dingy and now both are super smooth and shiny. As it stands now, with the glass off (or sitting at the side down by the glass) it's so shiny you see a full reflection of the ball or the other stuff on the board, and the ball is a lot faster so it has a new learning curve not to just eat it down the drain really fast. Beyond that I did some red touch up paint in spots on the body over a week ago I blended in. I had to have a guy come out and help, but it did have some moron who butchered the insides in places that needed fixing setting me back just $75. A fool removed all the caps from every target and 1/2 star lanes, and also mauled the top right jumper cable into the port on the MPU using probably a knife or a poker to jam the wires crudely back into the plastic jack for the plug. Between the two the targets worked like 40% of the time, rarely with a full speed flipper shot and it was 50/50 if the game would even start due to the mauled port as it wouldn't detect the gold ball in the trough so the game wouldn't register pressing start.

    Thankfully the thing has Home ROM v12 on there which includes the Bally Service Kit, new attract mode, expanded audio selection and light play, etc. The game is far more interesting with that update Bally did because the Gold Ball is earned instead of a 1-15% random chance of being thrown out in some game being played. Many dislike the game because it's basically an EM game in a SS setup and due to the lack of the earnable Gold Ball, but with the kit there it's a fantastic fast table.

    As of now what still needs work would probably be a waxing to the board. The original target center and gold ball pop bumpers are not there. Optionally - If I can do it fix a divot in the board in front of that white target to setoff the goldball lights. A much nicer to validate the bother back glass, and a playfield restoration, and new legs (mine are scratched up but solid.) This is a long term keeper, not a flip. One day I could see adding a second one, but beyond that it would get too crowded and even the second would be after I can get the kids playroom toys out of my room in a few years and into hers (she's 3.)

    Since it's a Pin thread, here's my table - Bally/Midway Gold Ball 1983.
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