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Thread: My Easter basket (2015)

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    Smile My Easter basket (2015)

    So, last year I didn't receive an Easter basket. I still got gifts (like luggage, which couldn't fit in a basket), but it was the first time in like 6 or so years that I hadn't gotten an actual 'basket'. This year, however, I did.

    It was Mario themed again this year. It was actually supposed to be a sort of elaborate, having several Mario World styles 'warp pipes' snaking through the basket, but my s/o had an issue trying to paint them green and decided to leave them out. They were PVC, and she ended up making sort of a huge mess of them (it's not easy to paint PVC ), so she just went with plan-B and kept it basic.

    So, in this basket I got:

    • A First4Figures Tanooki Mario Statue
    • A Mario Blanket and Pillow cases, too, I think
    • An NES controller themed Laptop Case
    • A Mario Chain Wallet
    • A Fire Flower Plushie
    • A Mario (Part?) AMIIBO figure (This is my first AMIIBO figure, I don't do the AMIIBO thing...yet anyway)
    • A Super Mario Lanyard with a little ID/badge holder
    • Lots of candy

    I've never linked from Deviant Art, so I'm not sure if the image will appear. I'll just attach it if it doesn't.

    I also made a basket for her. She loves zombies and giraffes. I've done undead themes the last 2 years, so I made a giraffe one for her this time, which was a first.

    She got a bunch of giraffe themed goodies in her basket and a(nother) Wii system, and some candy.

    These are some of the Easter Baskets I've received from previous years:

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