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Thread: People's Roughness on Arcade Games' Controls

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    Default People's Roughness on Arcade Games' Controls

    Do you ever worry about how rough you or your children are on the arcade cabinets' controllers or the cabs' bodies? Do you intentionally "take it easy" on the trackballs, joysticks, buttons, triggers, dance mats, and light-guns because you know they belong to someone else instead of yourself? And on the opposite side of the spectrum, what's the roughest or worst you've seen someone treating an arcade machine in real life?

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    Buttons and joysticks are easy and cheap to replace so I don't think people being rough on them is as big of a deal. When people start punching and kicking is when things can get ugly for a cab. The number one thing that can kill a cab are drinks or water damage. It is a pain in the ass to clean out and may always have those stains. It also ruins the art and other things that are not as easy to replace. Drinks were the number one thing we looked out for when I worked at an arcade for a short while. Kids in my opinion don't do as much damage since they are just not strong enough to. Adults and teenagers abused machines more than kids did.
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