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Out of curiosity, what do you think of the 3D Classics version for the 3DS? Beyond some superficial 3D effects, it basically adds SuperNes quality backgrounds to the levels and otherwise keeps the NES game pretty much intact.

I thought it worked well. I wouldn't of minded seeing something similar on the Super Nintendo, back in the day.
I don't think it's bad, but for me some of those old NES games like Kid Icarus, Metroid, Dr Chaos, Phantom Fighter, etc. really took on a creepier ambience from those stark black backgrounds. It's kind of unique to the 8-bit era how those games would have those plain black backdrops to save memory, and inadvertantly picked up some sense of isolation. I dunno, maybe that's just me. The 3D classics Kid Icarus does seem pretty tastefully done, though, for what it is.