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Thread: Forum Configuration Changes

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    Cool Forum Configuration Changes

    Forum Search Option Changes
    Minimum Time Between Searches changed from 0 seconds to 3 seconds. This cuts down on denial of service attacks and improves performance.

    Maximum Search Results to Return changed from 500 to 2000.

    Search Index Minimum Word Length changed from 4 to 3. Now searches for things like NES and Wii and GBC and GBA will work!

    Search Index Maximum Word Length changed from 20 to 50. This way if there is something long and specific you remember that you are searching for, you can now find it using the search function.

    Automatic Similar Thread Search changed from "No" to "Yes." Now when you post a new thread, the forum will automatically search for similar threads made in the past and link to them from your new thread. This will really help people to find additional content connected to what they are interested in reading. Imagine this: you create a thread asking about how to repair Virtual Boy cables. Then the forum adds links to threads about Virtual Boy repair which users wrote in the past! These will be shown at the very bottom of the page in the big text box with the red background color.

    Words to be Included Despite Character Limit changed to add "ds vb gb gc ps sg dc ac". This way, even though these words are only 2 characters instead of 3 characters long, you can still use them to search for information about the Nintendo DS, Virtual Boy, Game Boy, GameCube, PlayStation, Sega Genesis, Dreamcast, and AC/DC adapters.

    Full Next / Prev Links have been enabled. This will show, at the bottom of the page for threads, links to the next thread and the previous thread. But now they will have the actual titles of the threads as the links instead of just the generic "Next Thread" and "Previous Thread" text. This can help you discover interesting new things to read. :-)

    Changed the "Advanced Search" link (found on every page) to go to the "Search Single Content Type" form directly to allow searching by sub-forum. Now you can pick which forum(s) you want to search instead of having the option hidden behind a non-obvious link named "Search Single Content Type."

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    Three character searches!!

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