I've got some repair experience under my belt, but this one has stumped me. So I decided to come to you guys for some help.

It's a 1993 Super nintendo (the one without the removable sound chip). A friend of mine was playing it and went to change carts, but he didn't use the eject lever; just yanked the bastard out. After that I've been not even getting the notorious black screen of death, my television gets absolutely nothing. No video, no sound, nada. However, the red power light does come on. I've checked the power adapter, and its putting out 1 volt less than it should, but the adapter works in a 1990 super nintendo (I just tried it). The 1.5 Pico fuse is fine, and so is the linear voltage regulator. I inspected the solder points on the PCB where the pin connector drops down and they are fine; not a single crack. The game cartridge and removable part of the pin connector is also working properly so it isn't that either. And just to make sure, i scrubbed both parts of the pin connector with 91% alcohol and a toothbrush. I've quickly run out of options and I only have a multimeter for today (I'm borrowing my friends). So any kind of quick response would be a boon. I've been scouring the interwebs for answers and no one has anything about Supers that don't have blackscreen issues. And I can't just throw the thing out, it's a rather important one.

Thanks in advance,