Rez's soundtrack is often considered a thing of legend... with one exception: the Area 5 theme "Fear" (or "Mind Killer" as it's commonly referred to) is not the same version of the song that's in the game. Thankfully, Rez superfan and audio aficionado GO-GO-GST has managed to reconstruct composer Adam Freeland's long-lost tune.
"This Freeland track has seen many incarnations, but the in-game version of the tune has never seen a release, possibly due to the fact that the sample of California Soul may in fact have been uncleared at the time of its use in Rez," GO-GO-GST explained in their blog post about this release. "Knowing this, I've decided to rip all of Rez's sound data and resequence the song in what feels like a proper order."
GO-GO-GST noted that this track "doesn't stay true to the 10-plus minute long Area 5 sequence exactly in an effort to be more enjoyable outside of the game's environment and more as a standalone track."
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