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Thread: CV Joust- at last.

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    Default CV Joust- at last.

    Last week I received my copy of Joust for the ColecoVision.

    This version was completed, with an impressive title screen and sound added.

    It was, quite frankly, even better than I'd thought when I first saw the images back circa 2002. The graphics are excellent, although the pteradactyl looks a bit blocky, the lava bubbles, the flames are there, along with the points scored.

    The one and only problem with sound is lack of sound when two knights collide on the same level.

    Gameplay is great. Even the two-player option is there, and all of the screens are there. I do not know, however, if more than one pteradactyl can be onscreen.

    This game is of particular interest to me because it spans 31 years. It was supposed to have been released by Atarisoft in 1983; why they made a better version for their most dangerous rival is beyond me.

    More to the point Joust was why I purchased a 7800 in 1988. Had this version existed in 1983 it is highly unlikely I would have ever bought one.

    A more proper review will follow soon.

    If, reviews are still accepted here?
    Interesting stuff, here (COMPLETELY unbiased opinion, hehhehheh):

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    Go for it. If you wish it, I could even duplicate the review in the column section if you PM me so I remember, and in that spot I'll copy back to the original. This way your review will hit the main page to get seen more.

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    It's been highly praised by CV collectors. I'll try it if they release the rom one day.
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