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Thread: Turok: Dinosaur Hunter to receive a PC re-release - rumour []

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    Arrow Turok: Dinosaur Hunter to receive a PC re-release - rumour []

    Classic 1997 shooter Turok: Dinosaur Hunter looks like it will be getting a re-release on PC.
    Developer Samuel "Kaiser" Villarreal leaked the project in an interview with Tech Raptor. You see, Kaiser is remaking the 1996 FPS PowerSlave, and when asked about offering the same treatment to other classic shooters, he replied, "I was originally working on remaking N64 Turok (called Turok EX) but it got put off to the side. Since now Night Dive Studios has picked up the rights to re-release it, Turok EX will resume development later this year."
    Night Dive, as you may recall, specialises in digital re-releases of classic PC games. It previously handled such beloved titles as System Shock 2, I Have no Mouth and I Must Scream, and Ron Gilbert's Humongous Games catalogue. It was planning to re-release No One Lives Forever as well, but that fell through due to unforeseen rights issues.
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    Excellent, same person did the awesome DOOM EX which uses the n64 data and makes it into a PC game and it's truly fantastic (and without the inexcusably terrible darkness problems the original has.) I was following Turok EX, saw it just went silent and figured it was dead.

    Check this if anyone is reading this --

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