What I'd like to eventually see is Japanese developers that don't have faith in their product overseas, have a Kickstarter to fund localized physical or digital releases of the product. Yakuza 5 is being released in the west finally, but how long did it take? A long fu**ing time, and it's only because Sony really pushed in bringing it over as they're the ones localizing it, while Sega makes the comment about how they're doing it for their fans. Sega was bullshitting everyone who doesn't have the common sense to see through their lies.

A lot of Japanese publishers are starting to become more comfortable in publishing more games in the west recently, and imo it's mostly because of the success of the PS4 and many games being PS4/Vita or PS4/PS3. Namco Bandai published Graces F on the PS3 as a sort of test game and we've been getting every Tales game since, so that might have also caught Japanese publishers eyes. So this gen looks like Japanese games will return and be a major focus in western gaming, not as big as western games, but not be almost invisible like last gen in comparison to western titles.

Regardless how Shenmue 3 turns out, I think high profile developers having like IGA and Yu Suzuki having Kickstarters that have done so well are going to go a long way in showing that western gamers want more Japanese games.