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Thread: Shenmue III - For Real This Time (Was "Yu Suzuki, a Forklift, & E3 - What Does It Mean?")

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    Question Shenmue III - For Real This Time (Was "Yu Suzuki, a Forklift, & E3 - What Does It Mean?")

    On June 7th, Yu Suzuki was in Japan. By the night of June 11th, he was in Las Vegas, Nevada. On June 14th, he posted a photo of a forklift located in Los Angeles at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, E3, to his personal Twitter account.

    But what does it all mean? Does this have to do with a promise he made in 2014 about having a big surprise/announcement for Shenmue fans in 2015? Or is this all merely hopeful wishing on behalf of the denizens of the Internet who long for a sequel or a re-release of their favorite game series? Time will tell, and that time will be sometime this week during the spectacle which is E3. If anything is announced, I expect it to be announced at either the Microsoft booth/event, or in all likelihood given recent developments, SONY's booth/event. Only a few more days to find out...

    Will it be Shenmue HD? Shenmue III? A Shenmue film? A no-frills Shenmue re-release on PSN, XBLA, etc.? A non-Shenmue project by Yu Suzuki? I can hardly wait to find out.

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