Hi there,

I've purchased a PCE Duo RGB mod kit from this website: http://www.otakus-store.net/en/content/6-guide-nec-rgb

I've had a colleague at work install the Amp and DIN connector as well as install the replacement Cap. The results, well I get ghosting effects. The image gets a bit blurry and even more when it comes to text:


My theory, the ghosting image is actually the original composite signal still being displayed as well as the RGB one. The mod requires you to solder 3 pins on the replacement DIN with the RGB wires coming from the Amp. The Left & Right audio, grounds and sync are still being fed from the console's board right into the DIN's feet. I get the feeling that the composite signal is also feed into the DIN's feet as well and that the trace needs to be cut.

Please note that I have no skills in electronics (I'm a computer guy), so this is just a theory. So what do you guys think?