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Thread: Silent Hill 2/MGS 2 promo video tape. Is this rare or worth anything?

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    Default Silent Hill 2/MGS 2 promo video tape. Is this rare or worth anything?

    Used to work at EB back in the PS2 era. Is this video tape something that collectors look for? I can post a video of it once I find a VCR. Looking to sell it if it has significant value, otherwise I'll probably just keep it.

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    Found your post through a friend's mention about it on FB

    As a massive SH collector it is definitely something I would be interested in! I've never seen a promo tape for Silent Hill, usually just promo dvds/demo. Please let me know if you are going to sell.

    Looking forward to seeing what's on it.

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    To Silent Hill collector's such as myself it would definitely be worth some money but how much depends on the buyer of course. How long in minutes does the tape last?
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