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Thread: Play Super Famicom 'Dragon Ball Z Super Butoden 2' on Your US/EU 3DS

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    Default Play Super Famicom 'Dragon Ball Z Super Butoden 2' on Your US/EU 3DS

    Dragon Ball Z Extreme Butoden Gets Super Famicom Preorder Bonus In North America

    by Donald Theriault

    As long as you order from Amazon.

    North American Dragon Ball Z fans will get access to a 3DS port of the Super Famicom's Dragon Ball Z Super Butōden 2, so long as you preorder from Amazon.

    An image posted on BandaiNamco's Facebook confirmed the port, which was first revealed for the European limited edition, will come to North America along with early access to six of the game's support characters. Although the advertisement lists the game as a Virtual Console game, the game will actually be a port to the 3DS to allow for music rights issues to be resolved.

    The game has a MSRP of $29.99 US or $39.99 Canadian and will release on October 20.
    Source: Nintendo World Report

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    man was hoping for a translation. guess i'll have to flash a cart for that though

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