What are some of your freeware favorites?

To clarify, this means games where there is no charging for the game, DLC, in-game items, add-ons, etc., and no alternative business models in action such as in-app advertisements, pre-app advertisements, user tracking, app usage surveillance, reporting, etc. Sad that we need a disclaimer like that these days.

I'll get us started.

I really like IceBreaker. It is similar to Jezzball and Qix. IceBreaker features fast and fun arcade-esque action! And even better than freeware, it is also Free Software (free and open source). It's available for Linux and Windows.

I also quite like Spinvaders. It is similar to Space Invaders but with excellent, modern music, sounds, and graphics... plus with each successful shot, your multiplier goes up, and once you get to 10x multiplier, your shots are upgraded to high-speed, shrapnel-throwing missiles! And once again, it is also better than freeware as it is also Free Software. Spinvaders is available for Linux, Mac, and Windows.

So I ask: What are some of your favorite freewares?