I ran a search but couldn't find a thread for it, so here's one.

Hyperdimenion Neptunia - that self aware parody series of RPGs tha has exploded on the Vita recently.

One of the only moe games around where the whole point of it does not begin and stop with the concept of cute girls doing cute things. Despite what you might initially think, this isn't a game for girls - it's a game for gamers and anime fans. It's chock full of jokes and references to just about everything significant in the game industry since the early 80s and it's something where quality is not lost in translation. Idea Factory and Compile Heart deliver some of the best localizations ever with this series.

For anyone wanting to learn more, I created a video review of Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 1 for PS Vita and Steam - the best jumping off point to get into the series at large, since it's an extensive remake of the first game that had a cool idea, but terrible execution.


I love this series. Any series that bases its main character on the cancelled Sega Neptune is a-okay with me.