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the game could've been priced at $25 and still be over $10 more than the digital price point.
The $10 extra of the digital price has been changed long ago. LRG has removed any word of it from any posts or tweets they've made, Dark Overlord got banned from the forum over a year ago for pointing it out. There's so many games that have came out since earlier this year that have been increased beyond $10 additional.

Bloodstained Curse of the Moon was $30 despite being $10 digital, that's a whole $20 increase. LRG did state that $25 would be their minimum, but also stated they'd never go more than $10 over the digital price, and many other games have hit $15 over or more. The latest Kemco RPGs for example, they were all $25 releases and all of them have been $30 releases since April. I think Kemco is garbage so I didn't purchase them, just know the costs. So while people can say Bloodstained Curse of the Moon is a big game, they can't say that of the Kemco games. Siralim 3 is the only recent game I can remember that the price wasn't jacked up and overpriced.