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Define reasonable? I didn't even know LRG had a variant until today, but having to be there on a specific time on a specific date isn't reasonable no matter what definition you'd like to pull out of your ass. The whole system LRG made up is, as a matter of fact, unreasonable. Yeah, if you're there on time, if you're not busy, sure, most of the time you can get a copy, but the system itself works for scalpers over people who are actually interested in purchasing the games. Reasonable effort when most items that aren't preorder sell out the same day? Bullshit.

And as I stated, I was late, but being there the same day(at SRG) really shouldn't have mattered. But it's fine, it's only the second.... and third game that I was interested that I lost out on.
LR has been doing secondary cover releases for SRG stuff for nearly every title. Especially after the original SRG site kept getting DDOS'd when they kept trying to sell stuff early on. LR had do one of their sales, got them set up on Shopfiy and then they were there for the last 2 or so years. For whatever reason they (SRG) shifted away again to some other storefront that wasn't able to take nearly the traffic as the site got and was basically taken down immediately on opening. It took me nearly 10 minutes to get the site going and I was able to get both in my cart, only to have it error out a few times, then show as sold out, but I was then able to complete my transaction for all three titles they put up somehow. All told, that was 12 minutes into the SRG release.

If you're signed up for LR's newsletter you'll get emails for all that stuff. They didn't do a large lead announcement for Hotline Miami this time, but they did give a few days notice. I think SRG also mentioned it in their info bursts too that were on social and via email blasts.

SRG is really trying to keep to low numbers and their inserts are all numbered. It's appreciated when they're doing something a little different than the other houses that are pushing out for these small run titles.