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Thread: Limited Run Games (producing physical copies of digital games)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aussie2B View Post
    Have you guys logged in on the site and checked the fulfillment status? I've noticed that sometimes I don't get a shipping confirmation email, or I don't get it until the games have already shown up, but if I check on the site, I can see if the order has been shipped and check the tracking.

    As for the most recent batch of games, I got an email about my copies shipping on the 7th, and apparently they were delivered yesterday, though I've been away from home for the last few weeks.
    Yeah, I've checked. It usually shows where it's currently located at at the time. It says it hasn't shipped yet and on the main order screen it shows unfulfilled. I'll wait a few more days, if I still don't see it shipped I'll send an email. I pay the ridiculous shipping costs of $10.25 for shipping with a box because of the damage I've received last time, and I don't get the games for a month(presumably.) Play-Asia ships faster than this with their $5 shipping and it's on the other side of the world.


    Mine has shipped. I only got One Way Heroics because that's the only one I was interested in, I enjoyed the game on PC so wanted to own it at retail.

    Btw, I downloaded the demo of OWH on PSN and it's a really good demo for anyone who's interested in trying it out. The demo is only playable on "Easy" or "A Stroll in the Park/PC original name" difficulty and the areas that you traverse through are all the same locations in the world, slightly different per game. At the beginning of the game you're unable to defeat the dark lord, and the trick that you can use to lure the dark lord to the end and have them run away because the darkness hits them doesn't seem to work on this version. After playing the tutorial, it throws you straight into the opening world with the strength, vitality, and agility perks as the swordsman class and your name is nameless. There's no limitations on what you can do in the world though as both times I've attempted, I've made my way and defeated the dark lord on the demo version. It won't allow you to learn new perks or classes in the demo, but you can use the dimensional vault and you can can change to one of five classes afterwards and use three of any of the starting perks.

    Whether you're interested in trying it before opening your copy of OWH or maybe you didn't get OWH and want to try out the game, it's actually a really good rogue like. I initially thought it was the best rogue like I've ever played, but the game does lack content, and you can beat the game in less than 20 minutes. The game has different worlds to progress through, different events that will pop up when you go to random worlds, etc, it's finding these worlds that is the problem. Not every world is going to be a unique experience, many of them are going to be an identical experience to the last just have you running across different looking areas, and that's the biggest issue with the game. It's a great unique experience for a rogue like though as it's like a mini grand rpg adventure which is the reason for my initial impression as I first played the game, but shortly after I changed my opinion that it's great because of its unique experience, but far from the best because it sorely lacks the content and depth that a lot of the best rogue likes provide. I haven't played Tales of Majeyal yet, which I've heard was a good one, but from everything I've played, console and PC(based on what's came to the US,) Torneko the Last Hope, Shiren the Wanderer, Chocobo's Dungeon 2, Azure Dreams, and ZHP Unlosing Ranger vs Dark Death Evil Man are the very best. I like to praise NIS for ZHP because while imo Disgaea is meh, the style of gameplay for that game is perfect for ZHP and they've made one of the absolute best in the genre.
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