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Thread: Limited Run Games (producing physical copies of digital games)

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    Quote Originally Posted by megasdkirby View Post

    New video about the shady dealings of LRG, as well as their questionable practices. I know there will always be a apologist for the company, but overall, some very informative stuff was mentioned.
    Interesting video, I wasn't aware of the shadiness of the involvement with Metal Jesus Rocks. Didn't know about that weird situation where an employee of LRG published his own poorly reviewed game through LRG, yet LRG later claimed they weren't the ones publishing it and aren't responsible for what their employees are doing on their own, yet the release says LRG right on it and was sold directly through LRG including in it's pop-up store, and the same game on other platforms are openly sold/published by LRG. Most of the other practices I pretty much new about already.

    You're probably right about the apologists defending them. Rereading this thread by 4-5 years is pretty funny how some users defend shady business practices like aiming at collectors' OCD tendencies with excessive variants and FOMO stating that as they're just a business it's completely fine. It's like defending how modern games introduced loot boxes which are just predatory attempts at circumventing gambling laws, aimed at "whales" with gambling addictions. It's all business, so anything to make a profit is fine.

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    I haven't order anything from lrg this past summer.I was getting sick of the upkeep from last year every time i thought i bought what i wanted another game would popup.After spending,more then i should have from them last year i just decided to take a break from buying through lrg.I've notice lately such that lrg releases are not the be the all end of it being limited.Heck streets of rage four is getting released again at retail with the anniversary edition and blaster master zero 1,2,3 as a set for japanese and asain markets.

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