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Thread: Limited Run Games (producing physical copies of digital games) - now w/ complete list

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bojay1997 View Post
    Why that would be you Professor Blowhard. Posting the same wall of text over and over and over again to an audience that overwhelmingly doesn't agree with you and doesn't care. But hey, keep on doing what you're doing because it's certainly easier than trying to make actual change in the world or accepting that you don't have to constantly crap all over things people like just because you don't like them.

    Businessguy, you are a moron. I mean that very seriously and honestly. If I look at the posts in this thread, then I recognize only one troll, and that is you. You are posting inflammatory, nonsensical stuff and personal attacks as soon as someone disagrees with you. You are going berserk as soon as someone critisizes LR.

    This is my first response to you in this thread after you attacked a fellow DP-member:

    "Worse is the fact, however, that you engage in completely unreasonable and nonsensical personal attacks. If a guy reacts to very normal posts by accusing others as narrow-minded, obnoxious and claims to speak for everyone and even suggests therapy and a break from forums, isn't that...lemme think...narrow-minded, obnoxious, overly engaged in forums and in need of therapy? "

    You called others narrow-minded, in need of therapy, obnoxious, cowardly and having mental issues, and then you directed these wonderful personal attacks also towards me, suddenly I was narrow-minded, in need of a more productive life, telling others becasue I just don't like them, and now you reached the behavioral level and humor-level of a 12 year old. Are you serious?

    First you posted some of the stupidest things I read online in a long time (like Soedesco might be governement funded and other nonsense), then you suggested instead of critisizing LR I should found my own publishing company (I was really happy that I didn't critisize VW, otherwise you would have demanded to start a car manufacturing company), then you relied on completely unfounded stupid personal attacks.

    You are the troll par excellence! Your posts are inflammatory, consist of personal attacks, are at times irrelevant, and truly offensive to anyone who has his head screwed on the right way. Don't you think that it is trolling to post inflammatory stupidities just in order to suppress a very normal discussion? Don't you think it is trolling to fall back to childish humor like 'Professor Blowhard' and 'let adults speak'? And what is this babble about 'changing the world?' Are you nuts? And how can someone who is right in his mind say I critisize people just because I don't like them? And what about this business-babble, "I'm a businessman, you are not a businesman, you all are not businessmen, did you ever try to get a loan?" To calculate and recognize fix costs and variable costs isn't rocket science! I can tell you one thing: if you ever had a business, it wasn't a successful one considering your intelligence level. Don't get angry now because I'm right, ok?

    I responded to a post of celerystalker, there is no 'trolling' there. I didn't adress you because the level of intelligence of the discourse with you wasn't - let's say - desirable. I responded in a civil way, celerystalker responded in a civil way. There were no insults, inflammatory insinuations, no personal attacks. It is possible to have discussions this way if no-one claims to own the eternal truth. You, however, introduce insults as soon someone shows you that your 'reasoning' isn't the smartest one.

    I don't care if someone disagrees with me, disagreements are very normal, I only evaluate the reasoning without insults. If a reasoning doesn't make sense, I call it nonsense. That's not a personal attack. It seems that you have to learn (you should have done that a long time ago as a teenager) that if someone offers a more convincing explanation, you should start activating your brain and not behave like a 12 year old with bad humor.

    Don't you realize that you discredit yourself? Just the above quote is stupid, at times it's even nuts to a level that I was concerned. You take this discussion way too seriously, this is not a life and death-issue, it is a discussion about a game company which will be almost forgotten in ten years. It is unimportant. I had to make two important decisions today, this discussion is nothing compared to them.

    I suspected that there is something wrong with you the first time when I read a post by you. I was right.

    Since you evaluate the character and personalities of others constantly without even knowing them, the following is my evaluation about you, this first post by you was a nice self-characterization:

    "If a guy reacts to very normal posts by accusing others as narrow-minded, obnoxious and claims to speak for everyone and even suggests therapy and a break from forums, isn't that...lemme think...narrow-minded, obnoxious, overly engaged in forums and in need of therapy? "

    I don't recommend therapy, but certainly a break from forums and from being online, I KNOW that you are lurking around in way too many forums. Don't take online discussions too seroiusly, take a deep breath, think before you hit the enter button, and keep a cool head. This way reasonable guys might start to take you seriously again.

    Just do me one favor: post one more time, get your anger out of the system, but then ignore me. I'll ignore you. I didn't adress you for a long time, let's leave at that. At times you seem so angry and take evrything so personal that it is a bit scary. I don't like big noises about nothing. And I don't like this level of utter irrationality and stupidity.

    Greetings, Professor Blowhard (please, you adult, continue your conversations with other adults!) (I mean...seriously? Aren't you embarrassed?)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aussie2B View Post
    But, no, you expect to be catered to with every single release and complain to high heaven when you're not.
    So you should be able to find me ranting about Jotun, Plague Road, etc, right? I actually didn't conplain in this thread about either one of those releases. Now I did look up gameplay of both, as well as reviews of Jotun before purchase and neither interested me. Plague Road looked like a pretty bad game, while Jotun didn't look especially good and seemed like a short adventure I wouldn't ever go back to once finishing it. So no, I'm not expected to be catered to every single release and I don't complain every time when I'm not.

    When you stated Furi wasn't for you, I didn't say anything about it. I was stunned that you said you didn't like the music to Furi and that it didn't interest you, sure, but I didn't say anything about it. Maybe I should comment on the stuff I'm interested in more often, that way it's not just everything I'm not interested in, maybe give you guys less of a reason to flip out.
    Everything in the above post is opinion unless stated otherwise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by celerystalker View Post
    The success of indie titles on download services certainly helped popularize those styles of games, but that was never what I was getting at to begin with. The point was that consumers are more aware of the physical release publishing schedules for those kinds of games. Schedule awareness, not indie game awareness.

    Schedule awareness is the benefit that can (and likely does) extend to other publishers. Even here, nobody was talking about Soedesco at all until it was brought up under the LRG discussion umbrella. It's the publishers that really have a stake here, after all. The developers are making the vast majority of their money through digital sales still, not through these physical releases. Sure, they still benefit, but LRG, Soedesco, Fangamer, whatever... they're all just finding a way to make some money off the top, which isn't an enormous margin for 5000 copies of a game. They aren't making millions per game here. They are making thousands.

    This means that sell through and release awareness are vital, because the money at stake here is far less than one might think. So, are people learning about, say, Saturday Morning RPG because of LRG? Nope. However, fans who want physical copies, seeing them sell, are now watching to see if their favorite indie game will get picked up for a physical release, because LRG has helped make people confident that it will happen, whether it's them, Soedesco, or SuperJim'sAwesomeGamesDoneFancy. This is the shared benefit I was talking about.
    Just a last short answer because you are a very reasonable guy (I won't continue in this thread, there is a true danger of derailing it, that wasn't my intention, and the discussion hit a completely irrational nonsense level):

    'Schedule awareness' is too vague for me and too general. Without individual data (not aggregate data) there is no way to go reasonably in this or the other direction. The speculation level is too high.

    For me? LR didn't increase the 'awareness level' for physical games, I was aware of other small publishers way before I heard about LR. I think that videogame nuts and collectors like us are pretty well informed, in particular if they waited like me for a long time to get these games finally on disc.

    Honestly, I think that a single company in this niche market isn't important enough to have a significant positive or negative impact when it comes to 'schedule awareness'. Not 505 Games, not LR or Soedesco. No speculation here that LR boosted the awareness of physical smaller games so that other publishers profit (might be thankfully picked up by the irrational fanbase), no speculation here that LR disenfranchised consumers and potential consumers and hurt the other publsihers (also willingly picked up by an irrational enemy base of LR). Both is pure speculation. My guess is: no negative or positive impact at all.

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    I've never used the ignore feature on any forum, but somehow I've felt it better to add two to the list on this forum. I guess with so few active users the really distracting ones stand out all that much more.

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