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Thread: Limited Run Games (producing physical copies of digital games) - now w/ complete list

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aussie2B View Post
    Ugh, they need to chill with the cover variants. This sounds good for people who just want a copy period, but it'll do nothing to alleviate the madness to get the CE and standard edition. A cover variant just means a lot of people will try to buy during both sales models, to get one of every variant. Cover variants and CEs are fun as options now and then, but with the frequency of them, it just feels like squeezing collectors for extra money, to get them to double or even triple dip on the same game. I mean, does something like Lili really warrant a CE? Especially when said CE barely includes anything extra over the standard version yet still costs $15 more.
    I agree with you on the variants getting out of control. I would hardly consider myself a completionist collector, but the variants are just confusing things and stretching already thin stock when collectors who "have to have them all" grab the maximum of each. I also agree on the CEs and LEs. I thought the Night Trap one was neat (of course I also backed the failed Kickstarter, so I am definitely the fan base for that game), but I'm not sure that Wonder Boy really needed one and Lili seems too niche to justify two different SKUs. Ys will be an interesting experiment in that if the preorder window is successful, bigger games may start to go back to a preorder model just like the PC games are currently done which should bring the level of angry rhetoric down a few notches on forums and Twitter.

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    Vblank Entertainment has a physical Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition for the PS4.

    That was a game I've always wanted and never played.

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    Quote Originally Posted by celerystalker View Post
    This topic...

    Has anyone considered that Limited Run is inadvertantly helping a lot of these other small publishers by raising the profile of smaller indie releases?

    For about two decades now, smaller publishers have tried porting niche games, often of higher quality than what many of these new publishers do, and failed miserably. Companies like A1 and XS tried bringing over PS1 budget and niche titles and couldn't make it work. Whether a lack of advertising budget, poor understanding of localization, or being too late in a console's lifespan, publishers have brought out high-end arcade ports, butchered budget games, and other niche games like Top Shop, Sol Divide, Starfighter Sanvein, Gekioh/Shienryu, WarTech, etc. to general failure.

    Limited Run, support them or not, have people paying closer attention to indie releases. Were people lined up to preorder games like Cleopatra's Fortune or Qix Neo when they were getting quiet US releases? Nah. But LR has people looking closer at digital services and earmarking the physical stuff they want even better than other publishers have been able to do with bigger budget Japanese releases in their day. People, being made to be more conscious of small print runs and future releases, are far more in tune with what's happening, and that benefits companies like Soedesco and FanGamer, who not only gain visibility by being in the same business, but get to play the good guy role.

    What I'm getting at is that what Limited Run has done has been important for raising awareness and viability for smaller physical releases in an age where it looks like Sony and Microsoft are dying to go all digital. You don't have to like them or support them to appreciate that we are all more aware of physical releases of smaller games in part due to their presence in the marketplace.

    Plus, Game Sack's reviews are half-assed, and it's clear that they play the bare minimum of most games to get their two minute blurb and footage together in most cases. Great production values, likable guys, but you only have to watch the show or listen to when they've hosted panels to see that they know surprisingly little , often sourcing Wikipedia for content. I like Happy Console Gamer better, although I know they're buddies, as he typically just talks about games through the lens of his own experience instead of as an authority... but that's all off topic. Then again, so is most of this thread, which was intended to be informative instead of a constant editorial piece, but I suppose I've contributed to the shitstorm as well.
    Your Q about a postive effect by the publicity of LR on the sales of other indie games by other small publishers could only be answered if you had a really good (and I mean a really good!) market analysis. If there is one out there, we won't see it.

    My answer (which is just an assumption) is in all likelihood not, and if there is one it is marginal. However, even if there is a slight positive effect on the sales of other indie titles through the publicity LR gets, overall the success of LR hurts other small publishers more than benfits them.

    The reasons: The success of smaller indie-games started before LR got founded. It was a demand by a lot of gamers (including me!) to get great games from XboxLive and the PSNetwork on disc. (I pleaded already during the PS2 times to get more 2D-games like Gradius V, Contra Shattered Soldier, R-Type Final and others) The success of Limbo and other great games, but in particular the success of the two Rayman games showed that 2D isn't dead, that 'retro-gaming' became more popular not only when it comes to increasing prices for older games, but also with older generations of gamers and with a younger generation of gamers! (very important! I noticed that 'old' games became more popular and enyoyed a renaisssance when a 20 year old student told me in 2002 that he plays Joust with his friends.)

    I think it was a big demand of gamers to get these great digital-only games and retro-2D-games on physical disc, Limited Run jumped on the running train. Gianna Sisters, e.g, developed by Black Forest games, was published by Soedesco 6 months before(!) Limited Run was founded. The two owners gave months before LR entered the market interviews in which they stated that great digital-only games should be on physical discs. It was the success of these games on XboxLive and PSNetwork which showed publishers that these kind of games are only a niche market, but nevertheless might be a profitable one looking at the sales numbers. The easy access for smaller developers to digital services produced an unprecedented variety and number of indie-games and successful games; additionally, the digital distribution functioned as a test market. All of the above wasn't there and therefore it was way more difficult for publishers during the PS1 and PS2-times to get a foothold in the market with niche-games.

    It was the digital services which sparked the success of indie-games and the founding of smaller publishers which produced these indie games on physical media. It wasn't LR, no pioneer-credit there, other companies were first, but even they are NOT the reason for the success of smaller games. The restructering and opportunities of digital distribution is the primary reason. The smaller publishers, no matter when they were founded, were a reaction to these structural changes, they didn't act. Another reason (an important Q) might point to the flaws of modern game design. Modern games with all these incredible production costs lost a bit of their playfulness and childlike innocence, also just outright bonkersness we still had during the GC-times and PS2-times, and I think there was finally an awareness that a 2D game can give you something (simplicity, overview and challenge) which 3D games cannot.

    Is the publicity of LR-games today positive for the sales of the other small publishers? Hard to say, all of them are successful, all of them are expanding, hiring and producing more games than ever in the last three years (also THQ Nordic, don't believe babble); I suspect(!), however, that the success of LR cuts severely into the business of the other small publishers. The salesmodel of LR gives consumers the choice to get the games NOW for retail or take the risk of paying much more later on ebay. (also marketed as such by LR itself, also factually true looking at ebay prices) I can take my time for Ziggurat or Lumo, in all likelihood they decrease in price if I wait as a consumer. Since almost everyone has a limited budget (exceptions even on this board confirm the rule) , in all likelihood LR gets the money first from a lot of potential customers of other small publishers. In this niche market, with the same relatively small target audience, with very similar niche-games, and very similar organizational structures of the companies, there is little doubt in my mind that LR cuts into the business of the others.

    This would be ok, after all it is a free market and capitalist competition. The only thing I critisize is the fact that this competitive advantage of LR is based on a salesmodel which in every aspect has disadvantages for consumers, namely us, the gamers and collectors while the other small publishers sell their games consumer-friendly. They give us time to decide, they give us sales-windows whenever it is convenient for us, and we don't have to deal with ebay scalpers if we want games 1 hour after they were released and not even shipped. LRs success comes at the cost of us gamers and collectors UNLESS a ends-justifies-the-means-approach is taken. However, the ends (the games) justifies the means (the terrible salesmodel) would have some merit if we couldn't get these games other than by LR. For the PS4 this is just not the case. This is is true for Vita games, however. But even in the case of Vita games the salesmodel is questionable for obvious reasons. In particular for Vita games a normal salesmodel by LR would make even more sense than for the PS4 because Vita games enjoy as a rule a higher demand than PS4 games, and the competition is almost zero for LR. No need to go the rarity-hype-ebay scalper-route with marketed limited production numbers there.
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