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Ugh, they need to chill with the cover variants. This sounds good for people who just want a copy period, but it'll do nothing to alleviate the madness to get the CE and standard edition. A cover variant just means a lot of people will try to buy during both sales models, to get one of every variant. Cover variants and CEs are fun as options now and then, but with the frequency of them, it just feels like squeezing collectors for extra money, to get them to double or even triple dip on the same game. I mean, does something like Lili really warrant a CE? Especially when said CE barely includes anything extra over the standard version yet still costs $15 more.
I agree with you on the variants getting out of control. I would hardly consider myself a completionist collector, but the variants are just confusing things and stretching already thin stock when collectors who "have to have them all" grab the maximum of each. I also agree on the CEs and LEs. I thought the Night Trap one was neat (of course I also backed the failed Kickstarter, so I am definitely the fan base for that game), but I'm not sure that Wonder Boy really needed one and Lili seems too niche to justify two different SKUs. Ys will be an interesting experiment in that if the preorder window is successful, bigger games may start to go back to a preorder model just like the PC games are currently done which should bring the level of angry rhetoric down a few notches on forums and Twitter.