After 20+ years of collecting, I'm finally down to the last games I want to consider my collection finished (I'm not going for full sets, just stuff I want to play and own). In addition to games, I'm also looking to collect some manuals, boxes and guides for games I already have.

I'm only looking for nice copies (so no messed up labels, cracked carts, sun-sun-fading, water damage, etc). Hopefully someone here can help me out.

GAMES & Accessories:

Ninja Gaiden 3 - Just need a nice cart.
Princess Tomato - looking for a nice cart + manual but let me know what you got. <-----I REALLY WANT THIS
Shooting Range - Deal Pending
Tengen Tetris - Just looking for a nice cart

Master System:
Basketball Nightmare
Gain Ground
George Foreman KO Boxing
Legend of Illusion – TecToy Release
Psychic World
The Cyber Shinobi

Just need a cartridge:
After Burner 2
Sonic 3

Just need a case/insert:
Golden Axe
Phantasy Star 2 - could probably use a better manual too.

Looking for a complete copy:
Shadow Dancer
Trouble Shooter <-----I REALLY WANT THIS

Virtua Cop - Just looking for a disc that doesn't have the “Not For Resale” label

Playstation Underground 1.4 - with 3D glasses
Playstation Underground 4.3

Mario Kart 64 - non Million Seller version, just need the cart
A Hori Mini Pad with a nice analog stick

PS2 - only looking for complete, non-Greatest Hits copies in good condition:
Metal Gear Solid 2
Midway Arcade Treasures 1 (The Reprint Version with the red color design) - Deal Pending
Resident Evil Dead Aim
1 Black Official Dualshock 2 Controller
I could also use a few good PS2 cases (the one with the memory card holder) in good shape

Dino Strike

Atari Jaguar:
Wolfenstein - Preferably complete
Pro Controller

Castlevania Legend - want a cart and manual

GBA (looking for complete US copies):
Yu-Gi-Oh! Eternal Duelist Soul - I would prefer it come with the cards, but I'm cool with it as long as it has the cardboard box and manual. - Deal Pending

3D Virtual Austrailia
Blue Chicago Blues


Baby Boomer
Balloon Fight
Castlevania 3
Mega Man 4
The Legend of Zelda 1

Castlevania Dracula X - I'm guessing this one is probably beyond my grasp at this point, but, what the heck
Final Fantasy 2
Liberty or Death
Marvel Super Heroes: War of the Gems
Mega Man X2 - same as Dracula X
Mega Man X3 - same as Dracula X
Operation Thunderbolt
T2: The Arcade Game - looking for a non-Majesco copy
Tin Star - Deal Pending

Goldeneye - Deal Pending

GameBoy / GBC:
Castlevania 1: The Adventure
Castlevania Legend
Deja Vu 1 & 2: The Casebooks of Ace Harding
Game & Watch Gallery 2 - Deal Pending
Great Greed
Link's Awakening – original gray cart manual
Ninja Gaiden Shadow - Deal Pending
Operation C - Deal Pending

Game Boy Advance:
Mega Man Zero 3

Sega CD:

Road Avenger
Sewer Shark

Doom 64
Star Fox 64 - the original big box version that came with a rumble pack

Atari Jaguar:
Tempest 2000

I'm also looking for these official Nintendo guides:

Dragon Warrior
Final Fantasy
Ninja Gaiden 2

Final Fantasy III
Super Mario All-Stars

Paper Mario
Perfect Dark
Pokemon Snap
Zelda: Majora's Mask

Game Boy:
Pokemon Gold & Silver
Pokemon TCG

Game Cube:
Eternal Darkness
Fire Emblem
Paper Mario 2
Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 2 – Rogue Leader